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CNC Machining Productivity

Given the current state of the market, rarely has it been more important for manufacturers to focus on maximising the productivity and efficiency of every CNC machining process. This of course applies to all industry sectors, but coupled with the trend for aircraft OEMs to seek greater value than ever from their suppliers in the race to achieve increased market share, the issue becomes even more pertinent to aerospace CNC machining. With the priorities for airframes having to be primarily weight and safety, another growing trend is for aerospace designers to produce plans that combine as many different parts as is possible within single components.The only downside here is the inherent part complexity this creates, which in turn leads to a reliance on multiple machining operations. To combat this difficulty, the initial thrust of machining optimisation at many manufacturers in the aerospace supply chain centres on the machine tool itself. Here, machine tool manufacturers have made great strides in recent years, bringing to market a number of machines that offer the integration of multiple functions, including sub-processes (such as probing and balancing), allowing the workpiece to be completed on a single machine with as few set-ups and tool changes as possible.Cost savings in aerospace CNC machining.Further research into aerospace components has shown that the application of high pressure coolant offers significant benefits. Applying coolant at just 70 bar, for instance, gives an average 20% increase in speed and 50% increase in tool life, using only components and features that are standard on many machines. Ultra high pressures (up to 1,000 bar) are even more effective but additional fixturing is required. Correct nozzle positioning and sighting have considerable effects on productivity, chip handling and the elimination of the peening process to provide clear cost savings, particularly when machining critical aerospace materials such as Ti6Al4V. With hard materials, heat tends to exit via the insert rather than the workpiece. With certain inserts this has limited effect when they are new, but creates an enormous problem as they wear. Hence the need to accurately predict tool life has never been more vital.Uncontrolled tool life can lead to large increases in surface tensile stresses, compressive sub-surface layer size, depth of plastic deformation and strain hardening, particularly at higher cutting speeds. Intermediate stage machining (ISM), which as the source of the greatest production costs offers maximum scope for productivity improvements – during ISM up to 80% of metal is removed when turning heat resistant superalloys (HRSAs).

Flight and Hotel Package Deals – What You Can Expect With These Kinds of Travel Discount Offers

Whether you want to travel to the next city over or the other side of the globe, you must first pay for airfare and a hotel room. Instead of booking each one individually, why not book them both at the same time and save a bit of money? No matter what your travel plans are like, flight and hotel package deals are always worth looking into.You’ve probably seen it before: the option to “book airfare with hotel” when using a travel search engine. Have you really looked into what is available and compared the value of each offer?Most airlines and hotels participate in this kind of price bundling. It’s not hard at all to find inexpensive packages for popular tourist destinations, like Vegas, San Diego, Orlando, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Memphis, etc. You can even find flight and hotel package deals for international destinations, whether you want to stay in North American and experience an exotic beach like Cancun or the increasingly growing Toronto, or head to Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East.How many nights can you stay at your destination with a bundled package? They can vary anywhere from flight + 2 nights per person to flight + 5 nights per person. If you don’t already have a specific destination in mind, just take a look at the daily or weekly deals on travel websites.Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only cheap, low-quality hotels are available in discount vacation offers. You’ll be surprised at some of the high-quality accommodation you can get at an affordable price with airfare. In popular locations like Orlando and Vegas, some of the big-name resorts offer the cheapest rooms. Depending on when and where you could go, you could end up staying in a nice, cozy bed and breakfast. If you’re interested in a package deal but haven’t heard of the hotel before, simply read some reviews on it.What to Watch Out for With Flight and Hotel Package DealsIt’s easiest to find cheap vacation deals when you are traveling alone or with one person, as prices tend to be based on double occupancy. If you are traveling with more than one person, look for group or family packages.Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions before considering any flight and hotel package deals to see if anything else, like car rental or hotel/airport shuttle is included. Will you be getting any free meals at the hotel? Or free drinks at the resort? If you find a good deal, it’s best to book it ASAP, as a lot of vacation packages are subject to availability and can be discontinued at any time.Plan your trip online, and apply promo codes to your order. You might be able to save even more with coupons that can be used with flight and hotel package deals. There are a variety of offers available online – so start you search today.